lla-book-thumblla-book-thumbLaguarda.Low Marketing Monograph2008

Marketing book of Laguarda.Low Architects first eight years of work.

cny-invite-thumbcny-invite-thumbThe Correctional Association Lecture Invite2016

Online invite for a lecture held by a non-profit organization that advocates for a more humane and effective criminal justice system.

integral-stories-thumbintegral-stories-thumbAn Unheard Story2016

Print advertisement for an online media valuation company.


Collaborative book about subway musicians.

ConceptConceptAd Age Advertisement2014

Advertisement development for digital services company.

glenwood-folder-thumbglenwood-folder-thumbGlenwood Tent Marketing Package2010

Marketing folder and sell sheets for Glenwood Tent.

pave-thumbpave-thumbFundraising Brochure2014

Collateral design for a local charter school’s fundraising efforts.

intl-ad-thumbintl-ad-thumbAdvertisement Development2014

Concepts for an initial look and feel to their advertising campaign.

Final LayoutFinal LayoutRiverSpring Abuse Prevention Ad2014

Advertisements for elder care organization dealing with abuse prevention.

source-brochure-thumbsource-brochure-thumbSource Logistics Corporate Brochure2015

Various corporate brochure concepts for a shipping/logistics/fulfillment company.

source-tag-thumbsource-tag-thumbSource Logistics Leave Behind2014

Accordion brochure leave behind in the shape of a clothing price tag used specifically to garner new business at a fashion industry convention.

purolator-strategic-thumbpurolator-strategic-thumbPurolator Strategic Campaign Letter2016
lipton-thumblipton-thumbLipton Soups2003

Soup packaging redesign ideas.

PublicPublicLaguarda.Low Brochures2007

Marketing brochures for Laguarda.Low Architects

newsletter-thumbnewsletter-thumbLaguarda.Low Newsletter2004

Newsletter design for Laguarda.Low Architects.

wws-brochure-thumbwws-brochure-thumbWorldwide Shelters Marketing Brochure2009

Marketing brochure for Glenwood Tent’s application for humanitarian contract.

dhs-plan-thumbdhs-plan-thumbNYC DHS Operational Plan2015
CoverCoverBrooklyn Aids Task Force Annual Report2004

Annual report concept for humanitarian organization that deals with HIV/AIDS.

ConceptConceptLaguarda.Low Convention Ad2012
AdAdLaguarda.Low ISCS Convention Ad2012
riverwalk-thumbriverwalk-thumbRiverWalk Advertisement2014

Advertisement for elder care senior housing.

sf-one-pagersf-one-pagerStarfish Healthcare Flyer2013

One Page marketing flyer for Starfish’s use in targeting healthcare industry clients.

sharp-pop-8sharp-pop-8Point of Purchase2013

Series of point of purchase designs that came as a result of visual re-brand exploratory.

pur-isp-thumbpur-isp-thumbPurolator Rewards Badges and Posters2013

Internal communications flair to build excitement, sense of achievement for sales department at shipping company Purolator USA.


Concept for a news magazine.

avacor-packaging-thumbavacor-packaging-thumbAvacor Packaging2009

Packaging concepts for family of hair growing products for men.

pur-booth-thumbpur-booth-thumbPurolator Convention Booth2013

Convention booth poster for Purolator USA

CoverCoverHealthcare Chaplaincy Annual Report2007

Annual report concept for organization that deals with chaplaincy in healthcare.

Final CoverFinal CoverVLK 25th Anniversary Book Cover2010

Cover designs for VLK Architects 25th anniversary book.

pwc-golf-thumbpwc-golf-thumbHospitality Tent Posters2010

Series of posters for hospitality tent at the 2010 The Players Championship.

pwc-map-thumbpwc-map-thumbNew York Metro Hospital Map Infographic2011

Map of New York City hospitals in a provider network.