Final VariousFinal VariousDot Character2014

Customer character developed for digital services company’s advertisement campaign.

phoenix-vodka-thumbphoenix-vodka-thumbVodka Bottle Design2015

Various product designs for a new vodka positioned under the different thematic buckets of “air,” “science,” “freshness,” and “tradition.”

khoytysa-banner-thumbkhoytysa-banner-thumbKhortytsa WSWA Banner2016

Banner for Khortytsa Vodka’s booth at The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America’s annual convention.

leaf-brand-ex-thumbleaf-brand-ex-thumbClient Confidential2013

Exploratory concepts for a vodka client to find a visual identity for their burgeoning brand.

tt-thumbtt-thumbTeetze & Tubbs2002

Accordion book comics that describe the scientific principle of the six simple machines.

ThumbThumbNeighborhood Coalition for Shelter2008

Invitation to fund raising event for organization that works to assist the homeless.

sharp-ex-thumbsharp-ex-thumbBrand Visual Exploratory2013

Series of visual studies for the creation of a personalized image library for Sharp Electronics’ use in promoting their products. The concept was to refresh their existing brand to create a language that was exciting, unique and markedly different from their competitors.

PosterPosterDeath of a Salesman2005

Poster design based on the Arthur Miller play.

PosterPosterEveryday Typography2003

Poster design using found typography.

MascotMascotArgentina 512003

Elements for a fictional World Cup.

xl-thumbxl-thumbXL Magazine2000

Cover design for entertainment section of the Austin American Statesman.

ThumbThumbI am a Novelist2005

Illustration inspired by an existing New Yorker article.

hownot-thumbhownot-thumbHow Not to Get Rich2005

Book cover concept.

PosterPosterRapproachment of Cultures2010

Entry for UNESCO’s poster competition celebrating the International Year for the Rapproachment of Cultures.

puro-info-thumbpuro-info-thumbPurolator Infographic2016
cognizant-graphics-thumbcognizant-graphics-thumbCognizant Infographics2015

Series of reinterpreted white paper infographics for Cognizant.

ww-beyond-thumbww-beyond-thumbWeight Watchers Beyond the Scale Infographic2015
shp-features-thumbshp-features-thumbFeatures Graphics Exploratory2013

Proposed concepts for a consistent, clean set of technical illustrations to highlight varied features.

PosterPosterFur Free2004

Entry for anti-fur organization poster competition.

Sklardinals SketchSklardinals SketchPodcast Fan Art2011

Ideas for t-shirt designs for comedy podcast.

Gingerbread Man ConceptGingerbread Man ConceptEmpire Valuation Consultants2007

Concepts for holiday card.

purolator-family-thumbpurolator-family-thumbPurolator Family Image2014

Example of work from sourced stock to photo montage composite to final layout.

rbc-thumbrbc-thumbRoyal Bank of Canada Global Equity Brochure2007

Illustration for marketing material for the Royal Bank of Canada.

mail-online-thumbmail-online-thumbMail Online Ad2013

Exploratory for ad campaign promoting the online component of The Daily Mail as “the world’s new water cooler.”