ww-smartpoints-thumbww-smartpoints-thumbWeight Watchers SmartPoints2015

Designs for various elements of Weight Watchers’ proprietary dietary point system SmartPoints. The project required: 1. An overarching logo for their program; 2. A “point” or “coin” design to appear on all Weight Watchers food products; 3. A “sponsored point” that would appear on sponsored third party product partners.

tmb-logo-thumbtmb-logo-thumbTrusted Media Brands Logo2015

Logo for cross platform media company that controls brands such as Reader’s Digest and Taste of Home among a dozen others.

Final LogoFinal LogoPLAZA33 Logo2015

Logo design for temporal public space in midtown Manhattan on the corner of 7th Avenue and 33rd Street.


A wholly original modular product and identity design.

LogoLogoDamn Good Beverage Co.2009

Logo design for beverage distributor.

LogotypeLogotypeStreetwise Partners2008

Logo design for non-profit that sponsors and supports under privileged professionals in their endeavours.

bombora-thumbbombora-thumbData Company Logo Development2015

Logo redesign options for data analysis company. Client wanted to rename the company using an aboriginal word meaning “big wave.”

LogoLogoPratt 1252011

Competition entry for the Pratt Institute’s 125th Anniversary logo.

patronus-thumbpatronus-thumbClient Confidential2013

Logo concepts for a digital media company. Using the proposed name and the client’s direction of incorporating a “pattern” in the design I came up with an axonometric visual grid that satisfied their requirements while also adding the sense of dimensionality and visual interest.

intl-3intl-3Logo Development2014

Logo redesign options for financial services company.

conceptconceptClient Confidential2013

Logo concepts for a digital company that studies online tendencies with the goal of maximizing the efficiency and efficacy of an electronic advertisement.

distillery-thumbdistillery-thumbClient Confidential2013

Logo concepts for a digital information company. Client was looking for visual solutions that literally tied to distillation, funnels and the company’s proposed name.

Final LogoFinal LogoGlenwood Tent2009

Logo redesign for tent company.

conceptconceptClient Confidential – Vodka2013

Vodka logo and bottle concepts. Client wanted iterations that made references to water as it’s superior quality/uniqueness in the distillation of the vodka was a key selling point of the product.

Logo ConceptLogo ConceptDream Center2009

Entries for competition to design identity for UNESCO’s DREAM Center program.

Logo ConceptLogo ConceptAvacor2009

Logo concepts for hair growth product.

riverspring-logo-1riverspring-logo-1RiverSpring Logo2014

Logo concepts for Elder Care organization.


Logo concept for auto mechanic shop.

final logofinal logoNon-Profit Logo2015

Logo design for non-profit that promotes the social and economic well-being of New Yorkers.

Logo Idea 1Logo Idea 1Casa de Contenidos2011

Identity concepts for an online blog related to the music industry.


Updated identity concept for biodegradable cleaning product.

Logo ConceptLogo ConceptRestoration Tree Trust2010

Concepts for reforestation company.

Logo ConceptLogo ConceptCEFPI2004

Entries for logo competition for Council of Educational Facility Planners International.

cny-logo-thumbcny-logo-thumbJustice Unbarred2015

Logo concepts for nonprofit that advocates for a more human and effective criminal justice system.

cit-one-thumbcit-one-thumbBank Merger Logo2015

Concepts for client that wanted to create a new sub-brand with a newly acquired asset.

sf-rebrand-5sf-rebrand-5Starfish Rebrand2014

Logo options for brand refresh of marketing/branding firm

LogoLogoArizona Phoenix2004

Redesign of pro football franchise’s identity.

LogoLogoNew Orleans Saints2006

Redesign of the New Orleans Saints with intent of relaunching brand after tragedy.

collectors-cove-thumbcollectors-cove-thumbCollectors Cove2015

Logo ideas and character design for a shop specializing in comic books, toys, and vintage video games.